Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kredit Usaha s/d 100 juta rupiah

If we want to apply for business loans of up to 100 million rupiah you should contact the BRI units, but if we ask more than 100 million rupiah please contact the BRI Cabang. The terms of the requirements that we must meet to obtain a loan of up to 100 million rupiah are as follows:
  1. Have a feasible business financed, business has been running at least 2 years with profit gain at least 1 last year
  2. Copy of ID card or Citizenship
  3. Copy of Family Card and Marriage Certificate
  4. Photo of applicant's
  5. Business Certificate from the villages (kelurahan)
  6. Additional collateral, such as SHM, AJB, Letter C
Conditions that apply:
  1. Interest rate: 14.4% to 24% (fixed rate)
  2. Loan Period: up to 5 years
  3. Free Life Insurance
  4. Administrative costs borne by the borrower
  5. Notary costs borne by the borrower
For loans with interest rate 24% provided "cashback" of 25% of the interest has been paid if the borrower do not exceed the installment payment due date, and "cashback" given every 6 months.

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