Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Menggunakan Kartu Kredit BRI dengan Aman

Using BRI Credit Cards with Secure

Credit card may already be part of the style you make in daily life. With the number of crimes that use credit cards, it's good you read the following post to be able to maintain the security of your credit card. The Tips using a secure credit cards are as follows:

  1. Do not show the card to the person who is not concerned.
  2. Note card during the transaction
  3. Do not give your credit card photocopy to anyone except the last of 3 digits on the signature panel behind the cards are covered or removed.
  4. Do not throw the receipt of your bill in full, immediately destroy your receipt when it is not necessary
  5. Avoid transactions online (internet) on the website that does not have a safety certification
  6. Do not inform your credit card data to anyone that you do not know, either directly or through the phone
  7. If there are things that are suspicious about BRI Credit Card, please directly contact the BRI Call 14017 or at (021) 57 987 400.

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  1. Yang dipenjara itu yang nipu pake kredit atau yang gak bayar kartu kredit ? he he he
    nice blog, salam buat keluarga ya

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  3. Kartu kreditnya jangan lupa diasuransikan.



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