Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Menggunakan Kartu Kredit BRI dengan Aman

Using BRI Credit Cards with Secure

Credit card may already be part of the style you make in daily life. With the number of crimes that use credit cards, it's good you read the following post to be able to maintain the security of your credit card. The Tips using a secure credit cards are as follows:

  1. Do not show the card to the person who is not concerned.
  2. Note card during the transaction
  3. Do not give your credit card photocopy to anyone except the last of 3 digits on the signature panel behind the cards are covered or removed.
  4. Do not throw the receipt of your bill in full, immediately destroy your receipt when it is not necessary
  5. Avoid transactions online (internet) on the website that does not have a safety certification
  6. Do not inform your credit card data to anyone that you do not know, either directly or through the phone
  7. If there are things that are suspicious about BRI Credit Card, please directly contact the BRI Call 14017 or at (021) 57 987 400.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kode BanK ATM Bersama

Here is the list of bank code that used in money transfer at ATM Bersama.

1. Bank BNI 009
2. Bank Mandiri 008
3. Bank BRI 002
4. Bank Danamon 011
5. Bank Permata 013
6. Bank Niaga 022
7. LippoBank 026
8. Bank NISP 028
9. Bank BII 016
10. Bank Bukopin 441
11. Bank Bumiputera 485
12. Bank Mega 426
13. Bank Panin 019
14. Bank Muamalat 147
15. Bank Syariah Mandiri 451
16. Bank Syariah Mega Indonesia 506
17. Bank UOB Buana 023
18. Bank Commonwealth 950
19. Bank Mayapada 097
20. ABN AMRO 052
21. Standard Chartered Bank 050
22. Bank DKI 111
23. Bank Jabar 110
24. Bank Riau 119
25. Bank Jatim 114
26. Bank Nagari 118
27. Bank Papua 132
28. Bank NTT 130
29. Bank BPD NTB 128
30. Bank Sulsel 126
31. Bank Sulut 127
32. Bank BPD Jambi 115
33. Bank Lampung 121
34. Bank BPD DIY 112
35. Bank Sumut 117
36. Bank Maluku 131
37. Bank BPD Bali 129
38. Bank BPD Kaltim 124
39. Bank Kalsel 122
40. Bank Sultra 135
41. Bank Bengkulu 133
42. Bank BPD Aceh 116
43. Bank Nusantara Parahyangan 145
44. Bank Mestika 151
45. Bank IFI 093
46. Bank Ina Perdana 513
47. Bank Agroniaga 494
48. Bank Saudara 212
49. Bank Eksekutif 558
50. Bank Arta Niaga Kencana 020
51. Bank Ganesha 161
52. Bank Mayora 553
53. Bank Artos Indonesia 542
54. BPR KS 558
55. Bank BPD Kalteng 125
56. Bank Swadesi 146
57. Bank Jateng 113

The ATM Bersama network can help us to transfer to another bank in real time online, Withdrawal money, and check your account balance. But always keep in mind that every transaction is in charges. So use it wisely.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


BRI Prioritas service is given to the affluent and the High Networth Individual costumers as the respond to their appreciation and needs. To become a BRI Prioritas Customer, Customer should always maintain the funds of IDR 500.000.000,- or its equivalent in the BRI.

BRI Prioritas Service Center location :
  • Surabaya: Jl Basuki Rachmat.
  • Jakarta: Jl Jenderal Sudirman No. 44-46

For further BRI Prioritas Service Center are being prepared not less than 70 priority lounge each of BRI Branch Office in 14 major cities across the country. Planned for 2009 will add 11 BRI Prioritas Service Center in the Jakarta area (9 Service Center), Bandung (1 Service Center) and Makassar (1 Service Center).

BRI Prioritas Service Center has a draft standard room that always provides the warmth, comfort and luxury of the Parking Area with facilities Reserve Parking. BRI Prioritas Service Center has Greeter Area, Service Area (a meeting room that is comfortable and equipped with exclusive facilities and WiFi internet), Dealing Area (special room that guarantee the confidentiality of any banking transactions made), and the Working Area (special office for Priority Banking Manager and staff to support the speed and accuracy of service).

Services provided :
  • Each customer will get BRI Prioritas Card as the costumer's identity, which can function as ATM cards and debit cards as well as that incorporated in the international network Premium Debit MasterCard, ATM BRI, ATM Link, Prima ATM, ATM Bersama, ATM MEPS and Cirrus ATM.
  • 24-Hour Services BRI Prioritas Call Center.
  • Personal Assistance & Travel Insurance
  • Wealth Management Consultant
  • Lounge Facilities and Meeting Room in the center of each outlet BRI Priority Service.
  • Automatic Border Passage through Saphire membership in the Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Arrive Hall Terminal 2 F, which allows you to go through immigration in 10 seconds with the use of eyes scan identification technology, and does not need to fill out cards Departure / Arrival and tasting passport .
  • Executive Lounge for two person (just showing the card) at 33 local airport with BRI Prioritas's logo (Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Batam, Denpasar, Jakarta, Jayapura, Kendari, Makassar, Manado, Mataram, Medan, Padang, Palangkaraya , Palembang, Pekanbaru, Pontianak, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, Yogyakarta).
  • Free valet parking at the mall in Jakarta (with BRI Prioritas's logo).
  • Special parking area at the BRI Prioritas Service Center.
  • Appreciation Event a seasonal program, customer gathering, and Appreciation event on customer Lifecycle.
  • Free Velvet class in Blitz Megaplex.
  • Exclusive Private Jet Reservation

Thursday, February 12, 2009

" Kartu Kredit BRI " What I like and dislike

Before writing what I like and dislike from " BRI credit card ". It's better all of you to know the terms and conditions of " BRI Credit Card " as follow :

What I Like
  • Interest Lightweight
  • Free Personal Accident Insurance. You automatically get free protection for 24 hours when died due to accident, permanent disability due to accidents, and treatment in the hospital due to accidents.
  • Free access Executife Lounge (Gold and Platinum)
  • Convenience routine billing payment at BRI's ATM Machine. BRI credit card can make regular payments such as electricity, phone (telkom), cellular phone (Telkomsel and matrix).
  • Ease of purchase reload voucher at BRI's ATM Machine. BRI credit card can also be used to purchase reload voucher in indonesian for GSM operators (Simpati, XL Bebas, IM3 Smart, Mentari, Starone, and Flexi )

What I Dislike

  • Credit limit is relatively small given
  • Credit decision process is long
  • Billing Sheet is often late

Application Documents

Sunday, February 8, 2009

SMS Banking BRI 3300

What Is SMS banking BRI ?

SMS Banking BRI Is one of the mobile banking services through SMS, which offers convenience and comfort in getting banking services of BRI. Only by using the mobile phone and your thumb, whenever and wherever, you can perform various transactions with the secure and comfort, without go out of your seat.

Why I must choose SMS Banking BRI 3300 ?

It's easy & free
  • You do not need to change the SIM card, as this service can be accessed by users GSM: Telkomsel, Indosat, and Excelcomindo, The CDMA: Fren and Esia.
  • SMS messages are simple to use and not complicated. Does not need to register an account number / phone number destination transaction. Can be done anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Comfortable and Secure
  • Various kinds of transactions can be done with a comfortable and safe, because the use of PIN and SSM Banking BRI Registration is done in ATM BRI
How To Get SMS Banking of BRI ?

To get all the ease and convenience, Please follow this steps bellow to be able to make through the SMS Banking service.

  1. Create a savings account in the office BRITAMA BRI BRI online, to get the ATM CARD BRI.
  2. Once you have ATM BRI, do registration SMS Banking at BRI ATM machine (Free Charges), please keep in mind that SMS PIN you entered at the time of registration.
  3. Make checks yours SMS Banking with your mobile phone. Please type [SALDO][space][PIN SMS BRI] and send to 3300, If you have received the reply message as the amount of your balance, Yours SMS Banking have been active.
  4. To be able to enjoy another feature of sms banking. Please go to nearest BRI Online to do a second registration. This Registration in order to make yours sms banking be able to use in financial transaction.
Now.. How to use SMS banking BRI ?

To make a transaction using service of SMS Banking BRI Plain Text, Customers need to Write "Command Message" and send it to 3300 for all of GSM / CDMA. For every transaction which have successful, Costumers will receive a transaction reference number via incoming SMS.

Command Message for SMS Banking BRI features can you see bellow :

Fitur dan Biaya Kartu ATM BRI

BRI ATM card is one of the facilities provided by the Bank Rakyat Indonesia for each customer that has a savings account at Bank Rakyat Indonesia.

Terms of the following conditions apply to the ATM Card BRI are :

The features of the ATM Card BRI is as follows :

Kredit Usaha s/d 100 juta rupiah

If we want to apply for business loans of up to 100 million rupiah you should contact the BRI units, but if we ask more than 100 million rupiah please contact the BRI Cabang. The terms of the requirements that we must meet to obtain a loan of up to 100 million rupiah are as follows:
  1. Have a feasible business financed, business has been running at least 2 years with profit gain at least 1 last year
  2. Copy of ID card or Citizenship
  3. Copy of Family Card and Marriage Certificate
  4. Photo of applicant's
  5. Business Certificate from the villages (kelurahan)
  6. Additional collateral, such as SHM, AJB, Letter C
Conditions that apply:
  1. Interest rate: 14.4% to 24% (fixed rate)
  2. Loan Period: up to 5 years
  3. Free Life Insurance
  4. Administrative costs borne by the borrower
  5. Notary costs borne by the borrower
For loans with interest rate 24% provided "cashback" of 25% of the interest has been paid if the borrower do not exceed the installment payment due date, and "cashback" given every 6 months.


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