Tuesday, November 27, 2012


BRI electronic money, the means of payment at merchants who have cooperated with the BRI.
Transactions made ​​based on chip technology with a maximum balance 1,000,000, -.

Can be owned by anyone (without having account BRI).
Value for money in the card can be recharged / Top Up (via EDC or ATM)
Refills can Brizzi via BRI or other bank account.
Can be used at merchants that have worked with BRI.
Accommodate payment transactions ranging from Rp1, - up to 1,000,000, -
Transactions can be done quickly and easily, do not make a payment using cash and not bothered with coins.
Enjoy the promo-promo Brizzi varied.
Registration at the KC / KCP / KK / BRI Unit Office and the particular merchant.

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  1. maaf kalo lupa dengan pasword gimana ya?

  2. iya nih gan, untuk internet banking bri. gmana caranya mengaktifkan. saya lup[a dengan kode dan passwordnya



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